Brand Campaign

During my time at Square, the most notable project by far has been the company's first ever international brand campaign, The Shape of Things to Come. The campaign launched in early 2021 as a response to the hardship of the pandemic on small businesses and aimed to provide an optimistic and empowered tone.

The campaign consisted of multiple 15s, 30s, and 60s commercial spots, a full library of photography, a web homepage redesign, and various digital and social assets.

My task on the team was to develop and execute a campaign identity, provide art direction for the video and photo teams, and produce digital display ads, social assets, and website design. The identity consisted of immersive floating typography that's surrounding our hero seller within video and photography to communicate Square's support and presence within their business. After the campaign launched, this design and art direction approach proceeded to shape following visual work at Square.

Role: Design, Art Direction
    GCD: Eileen Tjan, Sean Conroy
    Art Direction: Said Fayad, Neil MacLean
    Copywriting: Kae Yen Wong, Jonathan Skale
    Design: Kate Doyle, Fin Wang
    Program Manager: Alex Sirjani
    Video Art Director: Carl Sturgess
    Photo Art Direction: Amy Feitelberg
    Production: Evan Groll, Amy Schacter, Michelle Mintz