Grand Circus Magazine: Issue 6
    Other Studio, 2019

Grand Circus Magazine is a seasonal publication on arts and urbanism in Detroit. The theme of the magazine changes with every issue, and its content is ultimately rooted in the rich culture that runs within the city and its community.

This was to be the last printed issue for the time being. The theme was Be My Baby, referencing the classic Motown hit by The Ronettes. It stands as a love letter to Detroit, a celebration of it's resilience, and an ode to Motown.

With the team at Other Studio, I was tasked with redesigning the magazine's identity and fully designing a majority of spreads. My approach to this project was to lead with classic typography and designed elements that then are revived with an experimental touch. Whether that was through the addition of textures, 3D elements, unconventional layouts, printed and scanned materials, the magazine became a highly visual and maximalist editorial piece that reflects the city's cultural range.

Role: Design
    Creative Director: Eileen Tjan
    Designers: Kate Doyle, Lauren Gallagher