Brand identity & web design
    XXIX, 2023

Made with a famously flexible ribbed fabric, Youswim’s suits are designed to adapt with you and your body through life’s changes. We leveraged motion to represent change over time, adding the shifting gradient and expressive variable type treatments to their elevated approach to art direction. We tied it all together with a custom, variable logo.

For their shop, we embraced Youswim’s limited product line by creating a unique and highly visual filtering system that emphasizes the collection’s flexibility.

Role: Design
    Creative Lead: Simone Robert
    Team: Kate Doyle, Sam Taylor  

Clue Perfumery

In collaboration with Caleb Vanden Boom

Grand Circus Magazine: Issue 6
    Other Studio, 2019

Grand Circus Magazine is a seasonal publication on arts and urbanism in Detroit. The theme of the magazine changes with every issue, and its content is ultimately rooted in the rich culture that runs within the city and its community.

This was to be the last printed issue for the time being. The theme was Be My Baby, referencing the classic Motown hit by The Ronettes. It stands as a love letter to Detroit, a celebration of it's resilience, and an ode to Motown.

With the team at Other Studio, I was tasked with redesigning the magazine's identity and fully designing a majority of spreads. My approach to this project was to lead with classic typography and designed elements that then are revived with an experimental touch. Whether that was through the addition of textures, 3D elements, unconventional layouts, printed and scanned materials, the magazine became a highly visual and maximalist editorial piece that reflects the city's cultural range.

Role: Design
    Creative Director: Eileen Tjan
    Designers: Kate Doyle, Lauren Gallagher  


Breakfast for Dinner
   Identity & Website Design

Breakfast for Dinner is a photography and content studio based in Chicago. They provide work for brands like Mailchimp, Rit Dye, Foxtrot and PBR and have a saturated, highly recognizable signature style that makes their work one-of-a-kind.

In 2020, the team invited me to work with them on the development of their new brand. The concept was centered around the idea of the brand's name, eating breakfast for dinner, as a nod to their unconventional and kitschy sensibilities.

My approach was to embrace the color and texture that's present in their work by developing an equally colorful palette that acts to enhance the intensity of their work when surrounding it. The brand identity consisted of a logotype, icon set, type specimen, presentation deck, and website design and development on Cargo.

Role: Design, Development
    Photography: Breakfast for Dinner


    Graphic Design

Since 2018, my partner Caleb Vanden Boom and I have collaborated in designing and producing an annual calendar. Each year, we develop a concept that both reflects the past year and looks to the future as inspiration and a blueprint for the design. We have printed them on a risograph and hand-assembled each calendar and sold on social media and stores like Fisk Gallery and Tusk.


    “Gordmin Gold” Album Art

Role: Art direction, design
In collaboration with Caleb Vanden Boom.

She Shreds
    Brand Identity
    Other Studio, 2019

She Shreds is a music media organization that's mission aims to educate and empower the musical community by providing content that is accessible and inclusive. The brand carries a strong legacy of uplifting women in music throughout their editorial content and is most widely known for their printed magazine.

Our task was to provide an identity that was sharp, contemporary, and represented the strength of the brand as it moved into a new chapter of their media organization. We set out to redesign the logo and brand guidelines, including an expanded brand system of various logomarks for different use cases and usage guidance for their multiple channels.

Role: Design
    Creative Director: Eileen Tjan
    Designer: Kate Doyle