Breakfast for Dinner
   Identity & Website Design

Breakfast for Dinner is a photography and content studio based in Chicago. They provide work for brands like Mailchimp, Rit Dye, Foxtrot and PBR and have a saturated, highly recognizable signature style that makes their work one-of-a-kind.

In 2020, the team invited me to work with them on the development of their new brand. The concept was centered around the idea of the brand's name, eating breakfast for dinner, as a nod to their unconventional and kitschy sensibilities.

My approach was to embrace the color and texture that's present in their work by developing an equally colorful palette that acts to enhance the intensity of their work when surrounding it. The brand identity consisted of a logotype, icon set, type specimen, presentation deck, and website design and development on Cargo.

Role: Design, Development
    Photography: Breakfast for Dinner