Kate Doyle is a Graphic Designer from Minneapolis. In June, she will begin an internship at CHIPS in New York City.

Jun 2018—Present

Dec 2017—Jun 2018

Jan 2016—May 2018

Jun 2016—Mar 2018

Jun 2017—Aug 2017

Graphic Design BFA

Proficient in

Intern @ CHIPS
in New York City

Jr. Designer @ VON91
in Minneapolis

Creative Director @ The Wake
in Minneapolis

Intern @ Northrop
in Minneapolis

Intern @ Someoddpilot
in Chicago

University of Minnesota
Class of 2018

Adobe Creative Suite, Animation, HTML/CSS/Jquery, Illustration, Photography, Sketch, Interactive Design, Branding, Typeface Design

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Interactivity & Design

2018 in Animation


Northrop Auditorium

Patagonia Action Works

Arc Winery

Noise Paper